Steve Irons MP Federal Member for Swan

Canning River Wetlands

I am proud to have been able to pioneer an innovative funding program for the Canning River – the Swan-Canning River Recovery programme – and I am now looking forward to playing a key role in delivering it as part of the Coalition Government.

In 2016, I launched the Hyrdocotyle Weed Management plan for the Canning River and I am looking forward to seeing this turn into action.

This is an initiative that I first proposed and designed in 2010 after consultation with local environmental groups.  The programme involves $1 million of funding and a significant part of this is to be targeted as special effort to tackle the problem of the hydrocotyle weed that has been causing major problems in the River since the 1990s.

Up until now the limited and fragmented funding available has made it difficult to get on top of the hydrocotyl, which drains resources and starves the wetlands of oxygen and life.


I spend plenty of time working with environmental groups in this part of the electorate and we have held several ‘green army’ events to help with volunteers to improve degraded parts of the wetlands.  I encourage everyone to spend some time in the Canning River Regional Park – a hidden gem and a special part of the Swan electorate.

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