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  • Steve Irons Address-in-Reply

    Mr IRONS (Swan) (18:21): May I also congratulate you, Mr Deputy Speaker, on your return to this chamber and your return to the Speaker’s panel. I am sure that we will share plenty of good times together on the Speaker’s panel over the next three years. Mr Broadbent: The stubborn member for Swan. Mr Irons: […]

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  • Update on Gateway WA and the new Airport terminal

    Gateway WA update In September I was joined by the member for Canning, Andrew Hastie, the then Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, Premier Colin Barnett, and the local Belmont MLA, Glenys Godfrey, in my electorate of Swan to announce the opening of the Grand Gateway near Perth Airport. We were able to make that announcement four […]

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  • Bentley hospital’s maternity services an asset to the community

    I rise to speak about an important health service in my electorate, the Bentley obstetrics service. I recently got hold of Report on review of maternity services in metropolitan non-tertiary public hospitals in Western Australia, and that is what the Bentley Hospital comes under. The report was about a review of the current provision of […]

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  • Irons calls for DAP review and community voice to be restored

    I rise to speak in this grievance debate about the City of South Perth planning process and the fact that it has been hijacked by the CEO and the planning officers who work in the City of South Perth. There are plenty of residents in my electorate who live in South Perth who are seriously […]

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  • Steve Irons MP calls for local government amalgamations to be scrapped

    I am pleased to inform the House that there was a great result for City of South Perth ratepayers last weekend, with the region’s local government amalgamations referendum returning a majority of no votes. I have been vocal in my opposition to the Western Australian state government’s idea to cut the number of councils from […]

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  • West Coast Eagles move to Lathlain Park

    Published on 23 Feb 2014 Steve Irons MP updates the House on the West Coast Eagles planned move to Lathlain Park

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  • Barbagello Ball Park

    Published on 15 Jun 2014 Steve Irons MP and Member for Hasluck, Ken Wyatt MP. visit Barbagello Ball Park to discuss the prospects for the Australian Baseball League.

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