Steve Irons MP Federal Member for Swan

Prime Minister Turnbull says there is a definite need for Manning Road ramp.

December 9

Federal Member for Swan Steve Irons says the Prime Minister’s visit to Swan is a result of his advocacy after the Prime Minister stopped at the site of Manning Road and Kwinana freeway on Wednesday December 9.

The Prime Minister is shown Manning Road by Steve Irons

The Prime Minister is shown Manning Road by Steve Irons

Mr Turnbull stopped by the site to see for himself the delays and safety issues caused by not having a Kwinana Freeway southbound on-ramp.

“I can see the need for it. To come off Manning Road and head south is quite an elaborate exercise,” Mr Turnbull said.

“There quite clearly should be an on-ramp.”


Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Steve Irons discuss the potential project


Finance Minister Mathias Cormann also visited the site.

Mr Irons started campaigning for a southbound on-ramp in 2009 after consultation with residents in the area.

“Now that Fiona Stanley hospital has opened, more and more people are travelling south on the freeway and an on-ramp would make a major contribution as productive infrastructure to the area,” Mr Irons said.

“The Coalition committed $10m towards this infrastructure project at the 2010 election but unfortunately Labor made no similar commitment.

“In 2013 the budget crisis created by Labor meant that the Coalition could not recommit to the funding for this term.

At present there is no connecting ramp for the many vehicles wanting to travel southbound on the Kwinana Freeway from Manning Road.


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Steve Irons take a look at the site

“Instead vehicles travelling south must head north and negotiate a challenging stretch of road doing a loop over the freeway involving merging and lane changing,” Mr Irons said.

“The result is congestion, journey delays and dangerous conditions for drivers as well as inconvenience in local residential areas which are used as rat-runs to avoid the dangerous stretch of road.”

“It remains a priority of mine to secure funding for a southbound ramp and I am pleased the Prime Minister came out to see the issue for himself.”

This project would require joint federal and state funding to proceed and Mr Irons continues to work closely with South Perth MLA John McGrath.



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