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Tackling water weed in the Canning River

Media Release 10 March 2016

The Australian Government welcomes today’s release of the Hydrocotyle Weed Management Plan for the Middle and Upper Canning River, developed by Perth Natural Resource Management in collaboration with the local community.IMG_8879

The plan is part of the Swan-Canning River Recovery Programme, managed by Perth Natural Resource Management, with $1 million in funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

“The Swan-Canning River Recovery Programme is making great progress to tackle the water weed, hydrocotyle, and improve the health of the Swan-Canning River system,” Minister Hunt said.

“The Hydrocotyle Weed Management Plan for the Middle and Upper Canning River will contribute to these efforts by setting out a collaborative approach to eradicate hydrocotyle from high priority sites along the Swan and Canning rivers and prevent further spread of this aquatic weed.”

“This is a prime example of how National Landcare Programme funding is supporting local landcare networks and other community-based groups to help restore local ecosystems and protect natural assets so the local community can enjoy the long-term benefit of a healthy and livable environment.”

“Hydrocotyle is a damaging water weed that smothers waterways. This plan outlines an approach to continue reducing the overall extent and intensity of infestations and to eradicate hydrocotyle from some locations along the Canning River,” the Federal Member for Swan, Mr Steve Irons said.

“The Swan-Canning River Recovery Programme is funding the implementation of this plan. Work to eradicate key hydrocotyle infestations commenced last spring and will continue in the spring of 2016,” Mr Irons said.

“Perth Natural Resource Management is running the programme and has a proven track record in managing projects that consistently deliver good environmental outcomes in Perth,” Mr Irons said.

The Australian Government is investing $1 billion to help support better natural resource management across Australia through the National Landcare Programme. This includes more than $450 million directed in regional funding through to Australia’s 56 natural resource management organisations.

For further information about the Swan-Canning River Recovery Programme or to obtain a copy of the Hydrocotyle Weed Management Plan for the Middle and Upper Canning River, go to

Further information about the National Landcare Programme is available from


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