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It’s time for final state, WA, to sign up to the National Redress Scheme

 Steve Irons MP
Federal Member for Swan



29 May 2018

It’s time for final state, WA, to sign up to the National Redress Scheme

Federal Member for Swan Steve Irons has this morning called for Western Australia, the last remaining state, to sign up to the National Redress Scheme. Yesterday’s decision by South Australia to join, with a $164 million commitment to the $3.8 billion national redress scheme, left Western Australia as the last jurisdiction holding out.

Mr Irons, who is patron of the Care Leaver Australia Network (CLAN), a former ward of the state and a long term advocate for the forgotten Australians and former child migrants, said that it was time for WA to commit to the national scheme and complete the national picture. ‘The National Redress Scheme is an outcome of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and has the strong support of the federal Parliament, Australia’s other States and the Clannies’ Mr Irons said.

‘We now need the Western Australian Government to commit to the National Redress Scheme to make this a truly national scheme and a national reality’. Mr Irons said that a national redress scheme had been a long time coming and a personal mission of his as a federal MP, but was now close to becoming a national reality.

‘It has been a long time coming but the National Redress has been a wonderful bipartisan achievement of the Commonwealth Parliament. ‘It has been a journey that started with the 2009 Federal apology to the forgotten Australians where we said ‘we believe you’ to the hundreds of survivors and continued with the apology to Child Migrants and the Royal Commission.

‘While we can never fix or compensate for the problems, it’s the aftercare response, the necessary care and welfare—psychologically and physically—that we need to make sure we provide these people with to make sure the rest of their lives are peaceful and in a good state.

‘No child is responsible for the circumstances in which they are born or for the reasons they were put into care. Be it financial hardship, or the breakdown of a family unit, all children should feel safe and loved. This is where we failed them as a nation.

‘I call on the WA Government to show compassion and become the final state to join the scheme and we will celebrate this achievement together.” he said.

The Royal Commission estimates that almost 20,000 survivors were sexually abused in state and territory government institutions. The Royal Commission identified more than 4,000 institutions where sexual abuse took place.

The National Redress Scheme will start on 1 July 2018 and run for 10 years.

The Scheme will recognise and alleviate the impact of past child sexual abuse that has occurred in an institutional context by providing three components of redress:

  • a monetary payment of up to $150,000 (with an expected average payment of around $76,000) as a tangible means of recognising the wrong survivors have suffered;
  • access to counselling and psychological services, either through a lump sum payment or state or territory based services, depending on where the survivor lives at the time of their application; and
  • a direct personal response to survivors from the responsible participating institution(s), should the survivor request one.

A person will be eligible for redress under the Scheme if:

  • the person was sexually abused as a child before the Scheme start day;
  • the abuse occurred inside a participating state, inside a territory, or outside Australia;
  • one or more participating institutions are responsible for the abuse; and
  • the person is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident.


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