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Top 10 Speeches

Steve's top 10 memorable speeches

In September 2016, Steve delivered his 500th speech in Federal Parliament discussing the largest ever West Australian road project- Gateway WA. The project was completed almost a year ahead of schedule and under budget and at its peak, created over 1,000 construction jobs. Since his election in 2007, Steve has worked hard and helped deliver many projects locally in Swan.  Many of these campaigns began with speeches in Federal Parliament.

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November 11, 2008- Steve’s First Speech
Steve speaks about his background as a ward of the state and says how he plans to stand up for Swan. This set the scene for much of Steve’s work on behalf of constituents in Parliament.

May 27, 2009- Belmont Medicare Office
Steve puts pressure on the Labor Government to deliver a Medicare Officer for Belmont. Steve secured the Medicare Office and later goes on to secures HBF, an After Hours GP and Belmont City Medical Centre for the Belmont Community.

July 6, 2011- Health and Ageing Committee report into youth suicide
Steve tables report he initiated on behalf of Burswood charity Youth Focus which resulted in the development of recommendation for Government to address youth suicide.

October 31, 2011- Air Services (Aircraft Noise) Amendment Bill 2011
Steve co-sponsors a Bill to address aircraft noise in Perth. It is narrowly defeated by 1 vote. Through continuing his campaign, Steve secured the Perth Noise Improvements Package including a night time noise respite trial.

May 28, 2012- Carbon Tax/ Carbon equivalent levy
Steve raises issue of the impact of a Carob equivalent levy on Welshpool industrial hub. The industry thanked Steve for giving them a voice. The Carbon Tax was eventually repealed by the Coalition Government.

March 21, 2013- National Apology for Forced Adoptions
Steve speaks on behalf of the Leader of the Opposition and the Coalition on forced adoptions in a much-praised speech. His speech receives national attention and bipartisan support.

December 12, 2013- West Coast Eagles
Steve updates the House on his campaign to bring the Eagles to Lathlain. Steve secures $13 million Federal funding to allow the project to proceed.

September 14, 2015- Belmont Community Group- union links
Steve spoke in Parliament to expose union links of Labor group trying to take over local council.

September 11, 2015- Irons motion on adhesive arachnoiditis
Steve fights for a local resident by putting forward a parliamentary motion.

March 3, 2016- National Stronger Regions Programme Round 3
Steve fights for funding for local economic development projects.

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